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Some of the many sites relating to slipper orchids available on the web. 


Asendorfer Orchids, Germany - www.asendorfer-orchideenzucht.com

Burnham Nurseries, UK - www.orchids.uk.com

Elite Orchids, UK - www.eliteorchids.com

Elsner Orchids, Germany - www.elsner-orchideen.de

Krull-Smith Orchids, USA  www.krullsmith.com

Laneside Hardy Orchids, UK - www.lanesidehardyorchids.co.uk

Laurence Hobbs Orchids, UK - www.laurencehobbsorchids.co.uk

Orchid Accessories, UK - www.orchidaccessories.co.uk

Orchid Alchemy, UK - www.orchidalchemy.com

Orchids Limited, USA - www.orchidweb.com

Orchid Inn, USA - www.orchidinnusa.com

Orchid Supplies, UK - www.orchidsupplies.co.uk

Ray Creek Orchids, UK - www.raycreekorchids.co.uk

Schwerter Orchids, Germany - www.shop.schwerter-orchideenzucht.de

Wichmann Orchids, Germany - www.orchideen-wichmann.de

Woessner Orchids, Germany - www.woessnerorchideen.de

Wubben Orchids, Netherlands - www.orchidwubben.com


American Orchid Society - www.aos.org

Bournemouth Orchid Society - www.bournemouthorchidsociety.org.uk

British Orchid Council - www.british-orchid-council.info

Darlington Orchid Society - www.darlingtonos.org

Orchid Society of Great Britain - www.orchid-society-gb.org.uk

Royal Horticultural Society - www.rhs.org.uk

North of England Orchid Society - orchid.org.uk

Sheffield & District Orchid Society - www.sheffieldorchids.org


The Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia  www.orchidspecies.com

Orchidwire Directory - www.orchidwire.com

The Orchid Forum - www.orchidforum.eu

Orchid Roots (BlueNanta) Orchid Database - www.bluenanta.com

Paphs.Net  www.paphs.net/Paph2.htm

Slippertalk Orchid Forum - www.slippertalk.com

The Slipper Orchid Alliance  www.slipperorchid.org

Slipper Orchid Info -  www.slipperorchids.info

Dr. Tanaka's Paphiopedilum World  www.orchid.or.jp/orchid/people/tanaka/indexe.html